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Our Logo

Describes our philosophy and journey

This is Horus the God of Medicine and Healing in Ancient Egyptian holding in one hand allopathic medicine and the other hand a thyme leaves as natural alternative medicine.

Although he is a male but picture looks like a woman because I am a woman and target audience women.

I used the pyramids due to several reasons:

  • My Egyptian origin

  • Pyramid of healing: mind body, lifestyle, diet, genetics

  • Food pyramid.: the base should be vegetables and grains, followed by fruits, followed by fish, poultry and finally meat.

Last line describes:

  1. My learning journey moving from East to West seeking Knowledge from Egypt to USA

  2. My professional journey that is the opposite. After using western medicine, I move to ancient modalities using functional medicine (mind body/ supplements) and homeopathy to find better answers for my patients.

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