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Our Logo

Describes our philosophy and journey

This is Horus the God of Medicine and Healing in Ancient Egyptian holding in one hand allopathic medicine and on the other hand, thyme leaves as natural alternative medicine.

Although he is a male, the picture looks like a woman because I am a woman and my patients are women.

I used the pyramids due to several reasons:

  • My Egyptian origin

  • Pyramid of healing: mind-body, lifestyle, diet, genetics

  • Food pyramid: the base should be vegetables and grains, followed by fruits, followed by fish, poultry, and finally meat.

The tagline describes:

1. My learning journey moving from East to West seeking Knowledge from Egypt to the USA

2. My professional journey is the opposite. After using Western medicine, I moved to ancient modalities using Functional Medicine (mind-body/ supplements) and homeopathy to find better outcomes for my patients.

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