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Holistic Healing

We believe that healing from chronic illnesses and pain is a journey that focuses on treating the factors that lead to illness, not just the symptoms.


This includes all body systems, especially the mind-body connection which is the genetic makeup, the surrounding environment, the food you eat, and your lifestyle. We take a scientific evidence-based natural approach using the model of Functional Medicine.

We focus on women in their prime who are dealing with chronic issues such as autoimmune disease, cancer, or fatigue optimizing your genetics to live with less pain, worry, and understanding your body with clarity.


Are you tired of feeling tired? Suffer from pain in every step? Have you been told it is only in your head? We hear you and care about healing you.


As a doctor, I learned the critical importance of understanding a patient's history as an evaluation tool. Listening to patients creates a  powerful healing impact.We take a compassionate guiding approach to walk with you on your journey towards healing and wellness.

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