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Meet Our Team

Marwa Hazzah, MD, MS, IFMCP

Dr. Hazzah, graduated Medical School of Cairo University in 1999.

She completed an Internship At Cairo University Teaching Hospital in 2000.

Then Completed 3 years of Residency Training at Cairo University Teaching Hospital between 2000-2003. During this time, she treated patients not just from all over Egypt but also from different regions in the Middle East.

“From the beginning of her residency, I was very passionate to help patients with autoimmune diseases and malignancies specially hematological disorders. It was amazing to me how these circulating blood cells work and how our immune system has the capacity to shift and attack itself instead of defending the body it is supposed to be guarding”.

During 3 years Residency at Cairo University, she subspecialized in Hematology and Oncology and completed a Master Degree in Science (Thesis in Bone Marrow Transplant).


With all the eagerness, curiosity and passion to learn and serve patients, she immigrated to the USA and helped in different research opportunities at the hematology Department at Saint Joseph Hospital in Paterson NJ (part of Mount Sinai School of Medicine), Jacopi Albert Einstein School of Medicine and Columbia University Presbytarian Hospital NYC.


She completed 3 years of Residency in Internal Medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine (Bronx veteran Hospital) between 2006-2009. During this time, she rotated through Many of NYC Academic Hospitals and Institutions including Monterfiore, Jacopi Albert Einstein, North Central Bronx, Westchester Medical Center and Memorial Sloan Kettering which further enriched the academic and clinical background.


Board Certified in Internal Medicine Since 2009.

Worked as Hospitalist (inpatient Medicine) at Westchester/ Bon Secour Health System for 4 years followed by Primary Care/ Outpatient at Barnabas Health System for 9 years. During the time she worked in Primary Care Field she was puzzled trying to find answers to her chronic illness patients that persuaded her to search and find both Functional Medicine and homeopathy. She is now a member of The Institute of Functional Medicine and Institute of Medicine Certified Practitioner. She is also a member at the Center of Clinical Education and Development of homeopathy. This makes her one of the few Elite providers who can help patients with complex illnesses. She was able to help patients with Chronic illnesses through lifestyle modification to reverse their illness and consume less prescription medications.


During the Pandemic of Covid-19, Using the model of Integrative and Functional Medicine was able to help her patients to achieve better outcomes, very few hospitalizations including patients with several chronic diseases.


In the end of 2021, she was chosen by IFM to be a speaker at the Annual International Conference of Functional Medicine. In both 2020 and 2021 She was voted by Castle Connolly and The American registry as Top Doctor.


Isabel Serrano, PhD


Isabel is a certified Health Coach and Yoga and Mindfulness instructor who practices a holistic approach to health and wellness by looking at how all areas of life are connected and finding useful ways to achieve balance in life. She is an Institute for Integrative Nutrition graduate who understands the principle of individuality and respects everyone’s personal process. She also has a Master’s Degree in Wellness Management from Ball State University, The Fisher Institute for Wellness and Gerontology (Muncie, USA). 


She is  wellness ambassador who promotes self-awareness as a means to achieving overall wellbeing, demonstrates significant ways to incorporate healthier food options and sensible lifestyle choices based on the individual needs and characteristics of each client, collaborates with clients offering a realistic approach to attaining balance and achieving wellbeing goals, facilitates ways to create long-term positive change as individuals regain power of their choices in life.

Since 2015, she has been successfully guiding clients on developing sustainable habits that contribute to good health by making their wellbeing a priority. Her master’s in Wellness Management has also equipped her to fulfill her role as wellness ambassador in corporate settings. She truly cares about everyone’s wellbeing and thrives on supporting those who need a hand on their path to better health and life balance. She establishes a relationship of respect and empathy with her participants, and offers a dynamic learning process in which they learn to cultivate mindfulness and make wise decisions around their wellbeing. Isabel loves to cook and write, and her happy place is a sunny beach. Her life philosophy is one of balance and flexibility along with many doses of daily laughter. 

.Can Speak Spanish and English ( Patients of Latin Origins). 


Tina Sassine, RD

Tina is a health-conscious individual with a passion for helping others become the healthiest version of themselves. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition, she went on to gain experience in both clinical and healthcare settings. Since nutrition is an ever-evolving science, she became a health writer and coach as she believes that the true value of knowledge comes from the ability to share it. Tina devotes her free time to writing research-based articles online so that everyone can have access to trusted health information. She also greatly enjoys exercising, learning new recipes, and seeking adventurous opportunities.

Living healthier isn’t always the easiest; that’s why you won’t be doing it alone. As a Nutrition coach at Holistic Medical Pyramid, Tina’s goal is to be by your side as you embark upon this enlightening health journey. She hopes to provide you with guidance, support, and empowerment that will facilitate the process of becoming a healthier and better version of yourself. Your sessions with her will be all about you and your health goals.

Tina Can speak Both Arabic and English. (Middle East Patients). 

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